Ball Cakes are made from crushed cake which are then mixed with frostings and rolled into ball which are then refrigerated to make it hard and then dip it in molten chocolate or caramel and cool it to be served to your guests. You can use you left over cake or you can bake a new fresh baked cake. You can serve the cake balls just as it is or you insert lollysticks to prepare lollipop Cake pops.  Basically the process for making cake balls starts with the preparation of the cake. You can use any ordinary cake flavor. It could be a chocolate cake or a vanilla cake. Do not prepare cakes with toppings since you will have to crush the cake later on.

Important precautions

  • Bake the starting cake just as you bake normally and once done, leave it for 10 to 20 minutes to cool
  • Crush the cake until it resembles a pile of dirt (Not literally of course)
  • After the cake has been crushed you can use a hand blender to further pulverize the cake to get a smooth constituency.
  • Do not add the frosting at once. Instead add the frosting slowly until you get the required consistency.
  • After the frosting is mixed, the cake should look just like a blob of glue
  • Do not freeze the cake balls before dipping it in the molten chocolate. It must be just cool enough for the frosting to set.

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